Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Vote Results on Requested Changes to Bylaws

The ballots for the proposed changes to the PLEA Bylaws were tallied at the close of business on Wednesday August 31. The vote tallies are as follows:

Article IV Section 4: gives PLEA election committee the option to use electronic ballots as opposed to mail in ballots.

Yes: 323                             No: 15                            Not Valid: 5                            Total: 343

Article XVI Section 4: makes changes that allows PLEA to use electronic banking incl direct deposit and direct funds transfer

Yes: 330                             No: 7                              Not Valid: 6                            Total: 343

Article XIX Section 3: Allows for electronic balloting to be used for voting on future Bylaw changes.

Yes: 323                             No: 15                             Not Valid: 5                            Total: 343 

PLEA would like to thank all members who took the time to participate in this important process.  Your participation and input is greatly appreciated.