Phoenix Law Enforcement Association


The Citizens Law Enforcement Anti-Graffiti Initiative, CLEA-GI, evolved from a group of Phoenix community leaders who partnered with the Arizona Police Association with a vision and mission of solving the issue of graffiti vandalism instead of continually painting over it, as has been past practice.

CLEA-GI is a citizen based non-profit coalition of volunteers which includes local and statewide law enforcement and government organizations, business and community leaders, as well as members of the judicial and correctional systems working toward a common goal of eradicating the effects of graffiti in our neighborhoods.

In 2015, CLEA-GI was instrumental in getting legislation drafted and signed into law distinguishing tagging graffiti from gang graffiti.

CLICK HERE to go to CLEA-GI’s website for more information on their organization and resources available to combat graffiti.