Phoenix Law Enforcement Association


Peace Officer Research Association of California

PORACThe Mission of PORAC is to maintain a leadership role in organizing, empowering and representing the interests of rank and file peace officers To identify the needs of the law enforcement community and to provide programs to meet those needs; To represent and protect the rights and benefits of peace officers; To create an environment in which peace officers interact and work toward achieving common goals and objectives; To conduct research, to provide education and training, to define and enhance standards for professionalism; To promote public awareness that encourages and maintains the image of a “Professional Peace Officer”. 

The PORAC Legal Defense Fund is the nation’s largest and most successful Legal Defense Fund; run by and for peace officers. The Fund is an ERISA Trust that provides legal service benefits for public safety personnel. The Fund has been in existence since 1974 and currently has more than 83,000 members.

A portion of the monthly dues paid by every PLEA member goes to PORAC’s Legal Defense Fund to secure legal representation for officers that may require representation on scope of employment criminal related matters.