Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Representation Committee


Mike “Britt” London
Tim Baiardi
Toby Sexton


Jeff Anders
Helene Balmir
Ken Barton
Yvette Bro
Joe Brown
Brent Bundy
Josh Champion
Frankie Contreras
David Dager
Frank Duran
Rick Flum
Greg Gibbs
Dan Grant
Eric Gunnels
Bertie James
Jesse Jansma
Michael Kuehler
John Maxwell
Chris Mendez
Bobby Metrick
Anthony Navas
Santos Robles
Desiree Sanchez
Dennis Smith
Rusty Stuart
Matt Teerink
Mike Thomas
Jim Vonada
Brian Walsh
Tim Wheeler
Brandy Willingham
Kevin Wilson
Keith Yingling
Michael Yoho 

If You Have a Grievance:

First: Attempt to resolve the matter informally with your supervisor.
Second: If you cannot resolve this with your supervisor, contact one of the representatives above.
Remember: There are time limits to initiate a written grievance.

If You are Being Investigated:
Record: All interviews once you have been given an NOI.
Copy: All memos or paperwork related to the investigation.
Truthfully: Answer all questions related to the investigation.

If you are called by Professional Standards Bureau or any police supervisor regarding an investigatory interview or interrogation, you may have PLEA representation during that interview. Call for representation as soon as possible.

If you are contacted by the Special Investigations Detail, SID, do not speak with them until you have contacted a PLEA Board member for referral to a criminal attorney.

For your convenience, a PLEA Board member and representative are available 24/7.

During normal business hours, please contact the PLEA office at (602) 246-7869. During weekends, holidays and after hours, contact the Radio Supervisor.