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The Aspen Group has offered to provide discounted tuition to PLEA Members on their various online programs through Aspen University and United States University.

Each school offers affordable online education including a variety of criminal justice programs at different degree levels with monthly payment plans.     Aspen Group also offers additional benefits to those who currently serve and those who have already served in the Military and military benefits are extended to spouses.

PLEA members are eligible to receive a 10% tuition discount on graduate programs which translates to : $292.50 per credit /$877.50 per class (3 credits per class)/$10,530 for the program (12 credits). 

PLEA members are also eligible to receive a 10% tuition discount on doctorate programs, which translates to $405 per credit/$1215 per class (3 credits per class)/$24,300 for the program (20 credits).

The military rate for nursing and graduate level programs is as follows: $250 per credit/$750 per class (3 credits per class)/$9,000 for  the program (12 credits) plus a majority of fees are waived.  This is applicable to spouses as well.  The military rate for post graduate programs is as follows: $350 per credit/$1050 per class (3 credits per class)/$21,000 for the program plus the majority of fees are waived.

While both schools are fully accredited, Aspen’s bachelor programs cost $18,000 vs $54,000 vs USU’s progams.

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For additional information you may contact Regan Fauth directly at 602-702-1454 or via email

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