Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Fallen Heroes

From 1928 to the present, the Phoenix Police Department has lost 38 Officers in the line of duty.

Four other Phoenix Police Officers have lost their lives in motor vehicle collisions traveling either to or from work; they are:

  • Officer Scott Smith, January 3, 1997
  • Officer Tim Landers, April 20, 1997
  • Officer Darroll Yoos, December, 22, 2004
  • Officer Jonathan Stuart, August 11, 2007

Robert T. Fike

End of Watch, January 8, 1986

On January 8th, 1986, Officer Fike was shot and killed by an assailant at point blank range as he stood beside his patrol car. Two citizens saw the officer lying in a parking lot …

K9 Yeager

End of Watch: January 1, 1986

K-9 Yeager died when he jumped off a second floor landing during a training exercise and fractured his spine.

Kenneth E. Campbell

End of Watch, January 29, 1984 

On January 29th, 1984, Officer Campbell was killed while in pursuit of a speeding motorcycle. The accident occurred when his patrol car skidded out of control and collided with another vehicle. Officer Campbell had …