Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Remember Just Cause?

It’s been in your Memorandum of Understanding for years.  It was a PLEA bill passed into law last year making it a violation to discipline an officer without just cause (as described in ARS 38-1101) a violation of state law.  Do you also remember the phrase…”there is a policy in our policy manual that may as well have an officer’s name on it…that policy exists because of them”…?   Well for those members of law enforcement management who choose to be selectively indifferent to the provisions of Just Cause there is now a new state law with their name on it.  SB 1057 now provides statutory relief for those who can demonstrate that they were disciplined without just cause.    We have once said in many of our discussions with our management partners that if we are unwilling to do what is necessary to fix injustice within our own industry someone else will likely step to the plate and do it for us.