Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

2016-2019 MOU Approved

By a vote of 110 “yes” to 10 “no” or over 90% of those who voted, the new 2016-2019 MOU has been approved. PLEA would like to thank all the members who took the time to come down and vote on the contract. While the new contract may not be perfect, PLEA believes it puts us back on the right track and keeps us as the highest paid police officers in the State of Arizona.

There was an earlier misunderstanding regarding the wording of the provision for a raise in year 3 of the contract.  The 1.3% raise is guaranteed regardless of the City’s financial situation for the 2018 – 2019 fiscal year.  The re-opener is only for negotiating for an amount above 1.3% if the City doesn’t have a deficit in the trial budget.  In other words, the City cannot force us to accept lower than the 1.3% which was agreed to.

Regarding workout time on a scheduled meal break, this will initially be limited to officers assigned to a precinct. The goal is that once the kinks and policies are worked out at the precinct level, it will be expanded to include the entire Department. Management wants to make sure the program is successful and indicated they are willing to expand it once we work through the initial issues.

CLICK HERE for a summary of changes for the new MOU including financial and non-financial agreements.  The new MOU will be uploaded as soon as we receive it from the City.