Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

300 Pct Staffing/CAO Sgt. Moves

On January 23, 2014, Joe Clure, Ken Crane, and Will Buividas from PLEA, along with, Sean Mattson and James Smith from PPSLA met with PD management (including Assistant Chief Markley, Commander Kurtenbach, and Commander Blake McClelland in continuing discussions to resolve issues surrounding 300 staffing issues and shifting supervisors off of NET teams to augment sergeant vacancies in patrol.

Many options were discussed with the intent of coming up with workable solutions that would have minimal disruption and impact as few people as possible while being mindful of MOU/MOA issues and keeping seniority in mind.

Everyone at the table was very concerned for the impact that any moves would have on the affected Officers and Sergeants. However, we all recognized that 300 precinct had an unique issue compared to other precincts in reference to shift 3 staffing an there is a very real need assign more supervisors to patrol.

300 Precinct shift 3 Staffing:

The following solution was agreed upon for the 300 staffing issue:

  • Bring hours and N days of some of the shift three squads into alignment with the shift 3 N days used in the rest of the precincts, this will allow for an additional 3rd shift squad with good days off.
  • Do a precinct wide re-bid to address the imbalance in staffing within the precinct.

It will probably take 3-4 weeks to complete an in house re-bid process.  To address shift 3 staffing issues in the interim, Cdr. McClelland will ask for volunteers on shift 2 squads to adjust hours for the next 3-4 weeks i.e., come in later and go home later.  In the event there are not enough volunteers, officers will be directed based on seniority to temporarily adjust their hours.  This will provide the relief necessary in the short-term until the precinct re-bid process is complete.

Everyone at the table understands that this plan is not ideal in the short-term; however, it was the least disruptive plan as these Officers will keep their same “N” days.

Patrol Sergeant Vacancies:

Several solutions/options were discussed with regard to addressing the Sgt. vacancies in patrol which will definitely have greater impact on supervisors than officers.  Due to this PPSLA took the lead in proposing solutions with regard to addressing this shortage since city management will not approve new promotions at this point in time.  The plan agreed upon is as follows:

  • Seven CAO Sergeant’s will be moved out to cover patrol vacancies on a GOD transfer while at the same time keeping them on a two-year recall list.  In the event CAO supervisor positions become available in the future, the displaced Sergeant’s will be given first right of refusal on any openings.
  • CAO’s will placed under the operational control of the respective NET squads for their area, if no agreement can be reached as to which CAO’s will be assigned to which NET squad, the precinct will do a CAO rebid (within precinct). The CAO’s will still be in CAO positions and will not become NET officers.
The CAO Sergeant move is tentatively scheduled to go into effect on Feb 17th.

These solutions although agreed upon by the collective group, will most likely be implemented, but are tentative until Chief Markley meets with Chief Garcia for final approval.

After much discussion and debate, the group as a whole understands it is impossible to come up with a plan that will have an absolute zero downside. If other staffing issues come up between now and October PLEA / PPSLA will work with the affected precinct to determine what is the least disruptive solution and a precinct rebid will only be used as a last resort.

PLEA believes the solutions arrived at are fair and workable and will assist in getting us through the tumultuous times we are currently facing until the RMS system is online and the department can do a city wide re-draw of precinct boundaries followed by a city-wide reallocation of manpower.

PLEA would like to thank PPSLA, Chief Markley, and his management team for being committed to the IBR process and truly working together to reach consensus on these difficult issues.