Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

New City AR Kills Jackpot Drop

On January 5, 2009, the City of Phoenix published a revision to Administrative Regulation 2.92 which deals with Contracts with or Reeployment of Retirees.

This revision of the regulation effectively ends the era of ‘Jackpot Drop’ which enabled high level City officials to be rehired into the same or similar positions after completing their DROP term.

Your Association has fought long and hard for a change in the rules to end the abuse of the DROP program which was intended to keep rank and file Officers on the street longer instead of being a money making scheme for upper level managers.

Arizona Republic reporter Michael Ferraresi’s article gives details of the newly revised AR with comments from key personnel involved.  City Manager Frank Fairbanks distills the essence of the issue in his quote when he states, “We actually took a look at the practice and decided it was the wrong thing to do.  The Personnel and Law departments have come up with new regulation to make sure it doesn’t happen in the future.”

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