Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

A Note of Caution from Border Patrol

Bud Tufley, President of the Border Patrol Local 2544 (Tucson Sector) recently forwarded to PLEA the following cautionary information for officers that encounter suspected “load vehicles”.  The attached document shows the dangers that exist when trying to stop vehicles of this type especially in remote areas.

Bud and his crew in the Tucson sector have been an invaluable source of support in the continuing fight on illegal immigration.  They have testified at the state legislature on numerous occasions in support of issues important to PLEA and the APA as well as to convey the true picture on the illegal immigration situation to our state legislators.

Bud and his group will be hosting a border tour Thursday April 15th for Republican Congressional candidate Susan Bitter Smith as well as members of the Arizona Police Association (APA).

CLICK HERE to read the flyer and view the photos forwarded to us by Bud.

CLICK HERE to view the website for Border Patrol Local 2544.