Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Allegations Unfounded

Testimony given at the Phoenix Employee Relations Board (PERB) CA-303 indicated that Professional Standards Bureau (PSB) investigators found the allegations of misconduct involving PLEA President Mark Spencer and PLEA members Officer Cliff McCrum and Officer Don Tarazon UNFOUNDED.  An email sent from PLEA attorney Jim Abdo to i reporter Mike Ferraresi included Phoenix City Code 2-220 and a portion of the Cease and Desist Order from PERB in 2005.  These documents and audio are helpful in providing context for the Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) filed by PLEA against the Phoenix Police Department.

In the included audio clip of the PERB hearing, four participants can be heard.  PLEA attorney Jim Abdo cross examines PLEA President Officer Mark Spencer (whom the City called as a witness) about several issues:

  1. Whether Spencer believed he violated the immigration policy.
  2. Commander Glen Gardner’s PSB testimony that indicated that there was no misconduct on the part of Spencer.
  3. Executive Assistant Chief Joe Yahner’s statements in the hearing of being unaware of any cease and desist order from PERB.
  4. Spencer’s understanding of the cease and desist order.
  5. The disposition of the PSB investigation concerning the allegation of misconduct Spencer was being investigated for.

The hearing officer, Mr. Hammond, responds to the objection of the City’s attorney Heidi Gilbert.  Ms. Gilbert did not want to allow the findings of UNFOUNDED in the PSB investigation into the hearing.”

CLICK HERE to read a copy of the AZ Republic article by Mike Ferraresi detailing alleged abuse of power.

CLICK HERE to read a copy of the original cease and desist order from 2006.

CLICK HERE to read what the City Code says about interfereing with and dominating employee organizations.

CLICK HERE to read the email from PLEA attorney Jim Abdo to Republic columnist Mike Ferraresi.

Listen Now! to a portion of the audio testimony from the PERB hearing.