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American Police Beat picks up the Banner on PTSD / Vote of No Confidence Issues

Nationally renown law enforcement publication American Police Beat has picked up the story on PTSD involving former Phoenix officer Craig Tiger along with the VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE currently underway against Chief Daniel Garcia.  The APB website is viewed on a national level by thousands of officers and civilians across the US as well as police and civilians in numerous foreign countries.  Within an hour of being posted on APB’s website, the Craig Tiger / Vote of No Confidence story had received 7,000 page hits and by late afternoon circulation had reached 20,000.  APB staffers that PLEA spoke with, estimated exposure would easily reach the 100,000 hit mark by mid-day on Wednesday Nov 19.

PLEA would like to extend its heartfelt thanks to APB for it’s assistance in getting the word out on this very important issue.  PLEA would encourage officers to drop the good folks over at APB a quick e-mail just to say thanks for their help on this important issue.

They can be contacted at :

CLICK HERE to see the APB web post on Craig Tiger / PTSD / Vote of No Confidence.