Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Angels on Patrol

Angels on Patrol (AOP) is a non-profit organization started by Lt. Jacqui MacConnell after rescuing three children in one of the most horrific abuse cases she had ever experienced in her career as a police officer.  AOP supports families in crisis and youth who have either been abused or neglected and/or whose caregivers are facing extreme financial hardship identified by police officers.

Started in 2009, AOP’s mission is to provide children and families in need who are identified by law enforcement, along with enhancing the public’s perception of law enforcement and helping police officers be even more of a positive effect within their communities.
The process is simple, go to and click on the Law Enforcement Application Form.  The form can be completed online, and once submitted will be sent to AOP. An AOP member will follow-up with you and the family.  No details of your contact information or the family’s contact information will be released.  You can stay as involved in the process as you’d wish or you can have AOP handle everything from that point on.
As an example, officers from the 82B squad had contact with 5 small children who were being fostered by their Aunt who had little financial means. AOP was asked by the officers to assist with food and clothes.  The officers and an AOP member met the family at Wal-Mart and together they purchase over $600.00 in food and clothing for the children. 


Persons interested in participating please visit , sign up for the e-newsletter and/or visit us on Facebook at: or Twitter @phoenixAoP