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APA Holds Press Conference on Shooting of Buckeye Officers

 (Maricopa County Seriff Joe Arpaio)

(Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio)

On Tuesday, May 10, 2011, a press conference was held by the Arizona Police Association (APA) to speak out and release additional information via the media regarding the recent murder of Buckeye police officer Rolando Tirado and attempted murder of officer Christopher Paz.  Information has come to light indicating that the now deceased suspect in the shooting, Cesar Tomas Quiroz, had recently been released from a California state prison.  It appears that he was a part of the notorious southern California street gang “Sur 13” which is closely affiliated with the Mexican Mafia.  He had been convicted of numerous felony offenses to include weapons violations.  Quiroz was a green card holder and was in the country legally at the time of the shooting, however based on prior felony crimes/convictions, his green card should have been revoked.

(APA Director Brian Livingston)

(APA Director Brian Livingston)

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