Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Budget Cuts Loom For PPD

Based on recent news reports it should be no surprise to anyone that the City of Phoenix is facing severe budget cuts.

Public Safety has traditionally been looked upon as a sacred cow whenever budget cuts have been mentioned in the past.

The current round of budget cuts for the city are of a severe enough nature ($250 Million) that Police and Fire have also been ordered to make significant reductions in their annual operating budgets.

The Phoenix Police Department alone is expected to make up to $30 million in cuts in order to bear it’s share of the burden.

CLICK HERE to read an article from the October 18 Arizona Republic on the impending budget cuts.

CLICK HERE to read the letter containing PLEA’s recommended budget cuts which was delivered to City Manager Frank Fairbanks’ office.

CLICK HERE to view the letter from City Manager Frank Fairbanks reference PLEA’s proposed budget cuts.