Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Buy Back Lawsuit & 401K Measure Updates

Sick Leave / Vacation Buy Back Lawsuit:

This morning, a 30 minute preliminary hearing was conducted in Maricopa County Superior Court. At the conclusion of this hearing, the judge set a hearing date for July 14, 2014 to determine if the Sergeants and Lieutenants lawsuit will be combined with the Officers lawsuit. Also, the judge set a hearing date of July 16, 2014 to determine whether to issue a TRO (temporary restraining order) / injunction in regards to Sick Leave and Vacation Buy Backs.  If issued, it would remain in effect throughout the case and would allow the payments to continue under the old system. The judge seemed most concerned about if there would be irreparable harm to the Officers. We believe there will be and the City’s position is that they could go back and make everyone whole if they had to.

401K Measure:

Also discussed is the 401K Ballot Measure that would close down the City retirement system for civilian employees.  There is also some concern it could affect sworn Police Officers and Firefighters. Regardless, it is a bad initiative that would be harmful to all of us and PLEA will be taking an active role in defeating it.

Donated Hours:

We will be sending out a request for donated hours next week. This is for the new fiscal year that started on July 1st. You will be receiving an ADDITIONAL 7 hours of vacation leave this fiscal year.We are asking that you donate the hours back to PLEA for  us to be able to continue the important fights like representation, getting the ballot measure passed, and fighting to overturn sick / vacation “high three” changes. We can’t stress enough that all these activities cannot be  can’t be done on City time and have to be done on donated leave time.