Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Call to Action Part II, May 7th

Thanks to everyone who attended Wednesday night’s City Council meeting.  We had several hundred officers and your families at the meeting that night. We know it was a late night as the meeting went until after 10:30pm, but appreciate everyone who stayed.  Everyone at PLEA is so proud for the way all each one of you presented to the City Council.  Your passion and love for the City and the citizens was evident.  As you saw, it is going to take a lot to make the Council do the right thing, which is “Respect the Process” and “Protect those who protect you”.

On Wednesday May 7, 2014 the City Council will make a final decision on the MOU.  We need to double or triple the number of people who attended Wednesday night to show up on May 7th.  This is crucial; everyone needs to commit to show up and bring as many people as you can with you.  We would like to fill up the entire pavilion with black t-shirts.  If you came Wednesday night, please bring the shirt we gave you. We will have more shirts for those who do not have one.

The meeting will start at 3:00 pm. We have been told by the Mayor’s office they intend to start the regular meeting at 2:00 pm and then MOU hearings will begin promptly at 3:00 pm. Like Wednesday, Unit 2 will go first and then PLEA.  Hopefully, the City Manager will find a solution to the budget issue before May 7th.

Here are the facts which you need to know why it is so important to attend this meeting and make your voice heard or show your support:

  • The City wants to CUT YOUR COMPENSATION  (2.5% (page 2 of the fact finders report)
  • Phoenix Police Officers have given $217,000,000.00 in savings to the City (pages 7-10 of PLEA position paper to City Council)
  •  Phoenix Police Officers have seen a 50% decrease in overtime and a reduced ability to work on holidays.
  • Phoenix Firefighter total overtime has increased by 36%, from $16.8 million to $21.5 million.
  • Phoenix Firefighter average annual overtime: $14,000 per year
  • Phoenix Police Officer average annual overtime: $3,400
  • Over the last 5 years, Phoenix Firefighters have seen their overtime increase by $3,700 per year, while Police Officers have been decreased by $1,400 per year.

In order to protect YOUR PAY, we need you, your family, friends, and neighbors to appear at City Council on Wednesday May 7th at 3:00 pm. As we did on April 30th, we will be handing out black t-shirts with a white silk screened PLEA logo to wear in a show of support.  The Council meeting will probably run several hours, so if you can’t show up until after 3:00 pm, please make sure you still show up!  Like the last meeting, it will probably be a long night, so please be prepared to stay late, if you can.

CLICK HERE to watch video from Wednesday’s meeting starting with the City’s presentation ( minutes 1:00 – 11:00) and watch PLEA Treasurer Will Buividas’ statement to City Council (starts at 12:00 minute mark in video). Under the video, which is part 5 of 9 from the Council meeting, you can watch other speakers by clicking on parts 6, 7, and 8.

PLEASE contact Rusty Stuart at 480-277-1512 and confirm that you will attend this important event.

When:  Wednesday, May 7, 2014, 3:00 pm.

Where: Phoenix City Council Chambers, 200 West Jefferson Street

CLICK HERE to read PLEA’s response to the City Council.

CLICK HERE to read the Fact Finder’s report.