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Carey’s Corps Does it Again!

On Saturday, February 27, 2016, former Marine Staff Sergeant James Carey, who served combat tours in Iraq and received injuries in a training exercise at Camp Pendleton which rendered him blind and confined to a wheel chair, participated in and completed the full 26.2 mile Phoenix Marathon.

In the past few years, fellow Marines from Camp Pendleton have come together to keep his spirits up and keep him focused on his recovery. They have done this by assisting him in competing in three full marathons and a half marathon where teams of dedicated volunteers have pushed his wheelchair for the full 26.2 miles.

This, his fourth full marathon, was a feat accomplished by a dedicated team of volunteers who pushed his wheelchair the length of the course, including some who carried United States and US Marine Corps flags.

PLEA would like to acknowledge the following groups who made this event possible for Staff Sergeant Carey:

T-shirt sponsors:

Donation of bagels and Cream Cheese:

Chompie’s Bakery

Community exposure:

Donated Bibs honoring Staff Sergeant Carey:

Most importantly, Staff Sergeant Carey’s family and Nate Wood.