Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Carey’s Corps Triumphs!

In 2009, 27 year old United States Marine Corps Staff Sergeant James Carey, who served  combat tours in Iraq, received injuries in a training exercise at Camp Pendleton which rendered him blind and confined to a wheel chair.  In the past few years, fellow Marines from Camp Pendleton have come together to keep his spirits up and keep him focused on his recovery.  They have done this by assisting him in competing in three full marathons where teams of dedicated volunteers have pushed his wheelchair for the full 26.2 miles.

In July of 2014, James relocated to live with family in the Phoenix area and planned to compete in the Phoenix Marathon on February 28, 2015 by participating in the half marathon.

With assistance provided by a dedicated team of volunteers including the PLEA staff and members, Mesa Police Association, Tempe Officers Association, Arizona Police Association, Staff Sergeant Carey completed the race.

PLEA would like a to extend our gratitude to members of our office staff who took their own time to be at the event as well as the numerous other volunteers who worked at and behind the scenes to make this a reality for Staff Sergeant Carey.

Now that he his a Valley resident, PLEA would like to continue to help Staff Sergeant Carey achieve his dreams by participating in future marathon events.

CLICK HERE to see a Channel 12 news video about Carey’s Corps participation in this year’s Phoenix Marathon.