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CBS 5 News Story on Snodgrass

On Monday, January 5, 2008, CBS 5 news reporter Peter Busch aired a story about former Phoenix Police Department Sgt. Ron Snodgrass who showed pornographic images stored on a worksite computer to a female officer he was directly supervising.

A subsequent PSB investigation sustained an allegation of misconduct. The Police Department’s Disciplinary Review Board gave Ron Snodgrass an 8 hour suspension. That suspension was overturned by Public Safety Manager Jack Harris and reduced to a written reprimand.

Only eight months prior, Sgt. Ron Snodgrass who was a Phoenix Police Department Pension Board member, facilitated Chief Jack Harris’ being able to be re-employed as the Public Safety Manager. Jack Harris is able to collect a pension and still receive a paycheck from the City while doing essentially the same job.

As a result of concerns raised with regard to possible conflict of interest issues, the City’s MAC (Management Audit Committee) convened to review the case.  Click on the links to the right to read the memos from City Auditor Randy Spenla and Asst. City Manager Alton Washington regarding the findings of the committee.

CLICK HERE to view the memo from the City Auditor.

CLICK HERE to view the memo from the Assistant City Manager.

CLICK HERE to view the story, documents and audio recordings related to the Police Pension Board decision which allowed Jack Harris to be re-employed in the same job position after completing DROP.

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