Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Chief Halstaed Drops A Note From Texas

PLEA recently received an e-mail from former PPD Commander, now Fort Worth Police Chief, Jeff Halstead.

PLEA is encouraged to see a former Phoenix Police Department upper level manager who understands, appreciates, and applies the advantages of partnering with a police association.  A section of his May 18th e-mail states:

“Things are going great out here but I have a ton of work to get done.  I know you may find this strange (considering the climate there in Phoenix) but I am actually having the Police Officers Association draft the new “pursuit policy” for executive staff review.  I have also eliminated almost every ‘punishment discipline’ (without pay) and have mandated that additional training occur so that we can educate an employee that will not repeat the errors.  The POA is also sitting in on every meeting we are having concerning the realignment of the police department. I have never worked so hard but I would have to say that things are really good here.”

PLEA wants to congratulate Chief Halstead and the Fort Worth Police Officer Association President Rick Van Houten for the progressive steps they are taking.