Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Citizens for Phoenix

To maintain both public safety and quality of life services, Citizens for Phoenix has formed a partnership consisting of rank-and-file police officers, civilian city workers, residents, and businesses.  PLEA is excited to partner with other Phoenix civilian labor groups within Citizens for Phoenix to address the current budget crisis.  Citizens for Phoenix ( is comprised of over 25 community groups which represent over 50,000 households.  Some of the leadership representation at a planning meeting on Saturday, February 6, 2010, included:

CLICK HERE to read the KFYI news piece on Citizens for Phoenix.

  • Downtown Voices Coalition
  • Shemer Art Center
  • Loma Linda Neighborhood Association
  • River of Dreams
  • Phoenix Law Enforcement Association
  • Sunnyslope Village Alliance
  • Phoenix Mountain Preservation Council
  • Phoenix Arts and Culture Task Force
  • Metro Block Watch
  • Require the Prior
  • Midtown Museum District
  • Longview West Neighborhood Association
  • Arcadia West Neighborhood Association
  • Arcadia Camelback Mountain Neighborhood Association
  • Capital Mall Association
  • Block Watch & PNP
  • Arcadia Lite Neighborhood Association
  • PMPC
  • N.A.I.L.E.M.
  • Paradise Valley Oasis Block Watch
  • Ranch Ventura Neighborhood Association
  • Rancho Salano
  • Willo Neighborhood Association
  • St. Single Family Coalition
  • Camp Colley
  • Arlington Estates HOA

Citizens for Phoenix is:

  • Supportive of a 2% temporary, emergency food tax per year with a limit of 2 years.
  • Supportive of $50M of proposed budget cuts as submitted by the City Manager.
  • Rejects $90M of proposed budget cuts as submitted by the City Manager.
  • Understands the needs for $27M in concessions from city labor and management as well as increased service fees.
  • Strongly encouraging the City to utilize an outside auditing vendor to evaluate the budget, systems, and processes of Phoenix.

Like PLEA, Citizens for Phoenix does not want to see vulnerable residents in Phoenix abandoned:  at-risk youth, the disabled, and seniors.  Meeting these needs is and in line with our philosophy of positive partnerships with our community.  At the same time, PLEA’s commitment to uncompromised public safety for all citizens remains.

On February 9th, 2010, testimony was given to the Phoenix City Council by members of Citizens for Phoenix in support of preventing layoffs and preservation of existing programs.