Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

City and PLEA Appellate Court Hearing

Pictured L-R: City Attorney John Doran, Judicial Watch Southwest Projects Coordinator Mark Spencer, Judicial Watch Director of Litigation Paul Orfanedes, PLEA Attorneys, Mike Napier and Eric Wilson.

On Tuesday June 16, 2014 the case of Cheatham/Huey v. DiCiccio et al., better known as the Goldwater lawsuit, was heard in the State Court of Appeals in front of the Honorable Judges Samuel A. Thumma, John C. Gemmill, and Randall M. Howe.  Both sides were given 30 minutes to present their arguments to the panel of Judges.  PLEA and the City of Phoenix were represented by Phoenix City Attorney John Doran, PLEA Attorney Michael Napier and Judicial Watch Director of Litigation Paul Orfanedes.  Although confident in the way in which oral arguments proceeded, we will most likely not have a firm decision from the court until a few months from now.

If the Appellate Court reverses the lower court decision, PLEA could possibly see a return to previous business practices that would enable us to have six full time release persons with a dedicated bank of release hours to conduct representation and related union business activities.

CLICK HERE to view a video of the proceedings, which is posted on the Court’s YouTube Channel.