Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

CIty Council Votes on Food Tax

While police fraternities/sororities did not even bother to show up, PLEA, community partners, and Fire stood side-by-side in addressing the Phoenix City Council of the importance of a limited, aggressive, adequate, and reasonable food tax to maintain the essential services of public safety as well as other city departments. Public Safety Manager Harris was the only City Department head in attendance.  PLEA and Paul Barnes, speaking on behalf of a growing community coalition, shared the necessity of a two year, 4% per year food tax with further budget reductions.  This 4% food tax/budget reduction plan will stay layoffs citywide and maintain a variety of city services through this difficult economic period.  The Council voted 6 to 3 to utilize a 5 year 2% per year food tax.  PLEA and the community coalition feels this direction is too little too late.  Input at community budget meetings in February for the 4% “surge strategy” is important.

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