Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Class D Uniforms are Finally Authorized for Patrol!

Chief Williams and PLEA met last year shortly after she was determined to be the finalist for the position of Phoenix Police Chief and a Patrol utility uniform was one of the topics we discussed with her.

After several months of discussion among the members of the Department Uniform Committee, where various uniforms were suggested and eventually submitted to be wear tested and approved, PLEA is happy to announce a decision was made to go with Blauer and the approved items are as follows:

  • Performance Patrol Polo, short sleeve, style number 8160
  • Performance Patrol Polo, long sleeve, style number 8165
  • FlexForce Tactical Pants, style number 8823 and 8823W (women’s)

The only color authorized for this uniform is Dark Navy and metal badges and nameplates must be worn on this uniform.

Wear of ballistic vests is mandatory with the Class D uniform and outer vest carriers which are currently compatible and being worn with the Class C uniform are authorized to be worn with this uniform.  An added caveat is that the radio and Taser may now be carried on the outer vest, however these are the only items authorized for Patrol, so additional pockets for OC spray, handcuffs, magazines, etc cannot be added at this time.

PLEA would like to thank Chief Williams for taking the effort to find a workable solution so Patrol officers have the option of a more comfortable and practical uniform to wear in the performance of their duties.  We would also like to thank Assistant Chief Harry Markley for hearing us out on our concerns which led to his decision in allowing us to move the radio and Taser off the gunbelt and on to the outer vest carrier.

The Department plans to release additional information in an upcoming issue of the Department Newsletter.

CLICK HERE to read the ENS regarding the Class D Uniform, which went out this morning.