Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Clemency Denied for Miguel Savala

On Monday November 9th, 2015 the Arizona Board of Executive Clemency met to hear several appeals before them.  Among those heard was the case of Miguel Savala.  On Sept 15, 1997 SAU officers Jim Kliewer and Jerry Kilgore were looking for Savala in regards to a probation violation warrant.  They observed a subject believed to be Savala going into a residence at 608 N. 9th Street in the Garfield neighborhood.  After being allowed to enter the residence by Savala’s girlfriend, Savala opened fire on both officers causing serious injury to both.  He then fled, went into hiding,  eluded capture and ultimately went into hiding in Mexico where he was incarcerated for a few years on unrelated charges.  Savala was eventually brought back to Arizona to face charges for the shootings of officers Kilgore and Kliewer and was charged and sentenced to two consecutive 15 year sentences for the attempted murder of both officers.

Now retired officers Kilgore and Kliewer along with PLEA President Ken Crane addressed the Clemency Board in order to communicate that leniency should not be granted to those who attempt to murder police officers.

After a very brief deliberation, Mr. Savala’s request for clemency was denied.