Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Compassion in Action

Pictured: PLEA Rep Kevin Smith assists in presenting a $5,000 check from PLEA Charities to the Westwood Community Association which is being accepted by Donna and Jerry Neill of 'Nailem'.

It’s better to give than to receive. No one has ever become poor by giving. We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. Think of giving not as a duty but as a privilege.

These quotes are consistent with reality.  They’re true.  But the edge of truth becomes even sharper when the words are combined with actions.  When hearers become doers, phenomenal things can happen.  Compassion is a great thing, but without action it’s insufficient.  Action makes the difference.

The holiday season we enjoy at Christmastime is always an opportunity to meet needs through generosity and giving – action.  A commendation for PLEA members is certainly in order as a December overview shows their compassion.  Phoenix Police Officers and Detectives engaged PLEA Charities to care for community and provide for police by giving cash gifts of over $40,000.  When one thinks of gifts, Christmas can quickly come to mind.  Here are some of the many charitable donations given by PLEA members in 2009.

  • A gift to assist a community family who lost an 11 month old through a tragic accident.
  • A gift to help a community family with a 2 year old child battling leukemia whose father had just lost their job.
  • A gift to St. Vincent De Paul in support of feeding the needy in our community.
  • A gift to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Youth Assistance Foundation to assist needy children.
  • A gift to the Westwood Community Association in support of their annual Marc Atkinson Kid Street Park Christmas party for neighborhood children.
  • A gift to support the wife and family of slain Phoenix Police Officer Tom Rabjohn.
  • A gift to the Phoenix Police Foundation in support of an event to honor the military service of all sworn and civilian police employees.
  • A gift to the Teleos Prep Academy to assist low-income families in our inner-city community by purchasing shoes and shirts for the 3rd and 4th grade running club as well as paying for physical examinations by medical personnel.
  • A gift to print Most Vulnerable Adult Cards for patrol to assist officers who contact adults in our community dealing with dementia issues.
  • A gift to support a police family whose 12 year old daughter was killed in a traffic accident.
  • A gift to pay for repairs on a neighborhood association van.
  • A gift to South Mountain Precinct Officers to cover travel expenses at the National Police Memorial Week in which Phoenix Police Officer Shane Figueroa was recognized for his line-of-duty death.
  • A gift to the Muscular Dystrophy Association.
  • A gift for an Easter party at the Marc Atkinson Kid Street Park.
  • A gift to support the CBS 5 Red Badge Emergency Pack Program.
  • A gift to help a patrol officer whose wife died leaving him to care for a newborn infant as a single parent.
  • A gift to assist a community family who was the victim of a home invasion by replacing and installing a new front door in their trailer.
  • A gift to support the Foundation for Service Dog Support Inc. to train students in training dogs to be used for injured police, fire, and military personnel.

Here’s why, Phoenix Police Officers are leaders – they serve, support, help, and assist others.  They meet needs.  Leaders are committed to the success and welfare of others.  I believe this handful of highlighted gifts from PLEA members clearly demonstrate they’re servant leaders who are motivated out of compassion and make a difference with action.  The donations that PLEA members have given through PLEA Charities certainly set a bright tone in a hard world this holiday season.

Merry Christmas and God bless.