Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Concerns Regarding Staffing

Since the Phoenix Police Department stopped hiring sworn officers, attrition has taken its toll on our members, who are continually asked to do more with less.

With projections for hiring pushed out at least another year, things will not get any better, particularly for patrol squads who are short-staffed.  Precinct commanders are continually “robbing from Peter to pay Paul” when it comes to solving staffing problems, but there is no long-term solution in sight.

PLEA and the Phoenix Police Sergeants and Lieutenant’s Association, PPSLA, have been working together along with Phoenix Police Department Management to temporarily resolve staffing issues, however it looks like PPSLA’s recent proposal has been rejected by Police Department Management.

CLICK HERE to read an open letter to the citizens of the City of Phoenix authored by PPSLA President Sean Mattson regarding this issue.