Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Councilmen DiCiccio and Nowakowski in support of Full Restoration of Concessions over 3 Year Contract

On March 30, 2016, Councilmen DiCiccio and Nowakowski sent a joint letter to City Manager Ed Zuercher asking that full concessions be restored over a three year contract period.  PLEA would like to thank both Councilmen for taking a position of leadership on this very important issue.  It is our hope that the rest of the Council will follow suit in doing what is right for our public safety professionals.  

CLICK HERE to read the letter sent to City Manager Ed Zuercher. 

NOTE: As of the posting of this article (Apr 4, 2016) it should be noted that PLEA is still actively involved in fact finding in preparation for the Arbitration hearings scheduled later in the week.  We are exploring options for both two and three year contracts with options for pay raises as well.  PLEA felt it important to advise the membership that two members of the Council are advocating for full restoration of concessions.