Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Court Enjoins PLEA in Pension Lawsuit

On June 11, 2012, the Maricopa County Superior Court enjoined PLEA in the on-going SB1609 lawsuit (changes made last year to the pension system).  In the order, the judge stated, “The legal issues presented in this case are serious and far reaching.  PLEA’s counsel has extensive experience in issues affecting its members. This is a case where more information from different points of view will aid the court.” The judge has recognized PLEA attorney Mike Napier’s thirty-seven plus years of practice related to Police labor issues.  This will also ensure that PLEA members’ rights are protected as this case proceeds through the courts.  As of this point there have been no rulings on the case.  The case centers around changes made to active and retired members of PSPRS and reversing those changes (i.e., elimination of the retiree COLA, DROP changes, and increasing the employee contribution rate) PLEA will keep you posted as this case proceeds forward.

CLICK HERE to read the court’s minute entry regarding the case.