Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Court Lacks Courage

Today Superior Court Judge Roger Brodman failed to impose the maximum sentence of 14 years on defendant Oscar Robles, an illegal alien and multiple crosser, who had been deported at least once.  Judge Brodman sentenced Robles to only 9.5 years.  The County Attorney’s office believed the maximum penalty of 14 years was warranted in this case for the following reasons.

Listen Now! to commentary on the topic aired on the Mike Broomhead show on May 25, 2011.

  1. On 2/10/91 Robles was convicted of a class 5 felony burglary charge and was put on probation for 36 months.
          a. It should be noted that for a person to successfully complete probation, one must be a “law abiding        citizen.”
          b. It is impossible for an illegal alien to meet these requirements.
  2. On 10/7/06 Robles was convicted of a class 6 felony for assaulting two Phoenix Police Officers and placed on probation again for 2 years.
  3. Robles was deported in 2008.
  4. On 01/23/09 Robles lured Officers Sauceda and Mills to his vehicle and immediately fought with them.  Robles is in possession of cocaine at the time of this assault on police officers.
          a. This assault left Officer Sauceda with significant neurological trauma – a collapsed lung, his       diaphragm would fail, and his stomach significantly displaced into his chest cavity where his lung       once was.  Doctors were uncertain if Officer Sauceda would live.
          b. Robles was placed on probation for a 3rd time for the cocaine.
  5. On 01/07/10 Robles was arrested by Phoenix Police Officers for a warrant dealing with the Sauceda/Mills aggravated assault.
          a. Robles fights with 4 officers for 6 minutes before he is finally taken into custody.
          b. In an interview with Robles’ sister she told investigators “He (Oscar) always fights with the police       when he is high on cocaine.”
  6. On 04/13/2011 Robles is convicted of the aggravated assault on Sauceda and Mills.

At the sentencing hearing in Maricopa County Superior Court room 1301 at 0930 hrs on 5-25-11, Assistant Chief Tracy Montgomery chose to say absolutely NOTHING to the judge in support of Phoenix Police Officers.  In contrast, statements were given by officers and investigators, along with PLEA offering the following statement to Judge Brodman.

“The community gives tools to police officers to protect them and their officers.  They give us guns, helicopters, computers, dogs, Tasers, and shotguns to name a few.  Yet the most effective tool in keeping our community and officers safe is intangible and does NOT come from the community but from the court.  This tool is called ‘deterrence.’  Many believe that lawlessness leads to more lawlessness.  Many believe that indifference is the purest form of hatred.  The defendant is clearly indifferent to the lines (borders) of our country.  We shouldn’t be surprised that he’s indifferent towards the lives of our officers.

Once again another Phoenix Police Officers pays for another failure of the federal government in relation to our borders.  The message you need to send today will impact the effectiveness of deterrence.  Maximize the penalty.  Maintain the rule of law.  Protect our communities from the defendant’s lawlessness and indifference.  If the suspect is willing and comfortable in attacking and damaging officers of the court who wear blue uniforms, it’s a simple step for him to attack and damage officers of the court who wear black robes.”

In the end, a multiple crosser, illegal alien burglar, and illegal  drug user, who was allowed to be on probation 3 times in Arizona, who assaulted no less than 8 Phoenix Police Officers, seriously injuring one, is given 9.5 years instead of 14 years.  The judge stated that because Robles did not get to pick his victim, and his victim just happened to have nerves near the surface and prone to more damage, the injury Robles inflicted on Officer Sauceda was a “freak accident” and did not merit the maximum penalty.

Judge Brodman failed to send the message.


Chief Montgomery failed to send a message.