Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Critical Topics Update, August 1, 2014

In this update the annual 150 hour sells of  BV / BC time are discussed.  Keep in mind, the judge in the lawsuit stated if the Officers prevail, he will make the City make you whole, meaning he will force the City to go back and act like the changes (the old  sick leave/vacation leave buyback program going away) never occurred.  Basically,  if you elect to, there is no harm in participating in the new program.

Prop 487:  This is the proposition for City employees to be placed on a 401K plan instead of the current City Of Phoenix Employee Retirement System, COPERS, proposed for public vote.  PLEA is opposing this proposition and the reasons we are opposing it are discussed.

Donated leave:  Once again, we can’t stress enough that we need each Officer to donate their 7 EXTRA HOURS of BV leave they recently received, back to PLEA.  This is the only way we can continue to represent you on critical issues that are important to YOU!  Forms were mailed out, are available in the PLEA office, and online. Remember, PLEA will be conducting a raffle at the end of August for those who donate.