Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Critical Topics Update, July 18, 2014

On July 16, 2016 a hearing for a temporary restraining order with regards to the pensionability of sick leave and vacation buyback, which was eliminated from the 2014-2016 MOU was held in Maricopa County Superior Court.  This was filed in conjunction with a combined lawsuit with PPSLA regarding the same issue.  While the restraining order was not granted, we are moving ahead and will proceed with a trial in a few months.  The judge ruled an injunction is not warranted if we can be made whole at the end of the trial, which the judge assured we will, should we prevail.

PLEA would like to welcome our newest 11 members!  Eleven lateral hires recently joined PLEA and will be hitting the streets shortly to begin their Field Training.  Please welcome them to the Phoenix Police Department and PLEA.

All Unit 4 Members will be receiving an additional 7 hours of leave this year in their vacation banks.  PLEA respectfully requests that you donate this time back to PLEA to allow us to continue the business of the association, particularly the critical task of representation and other time-intensive work.

With regards to the Goldwater lawsuit, we hope to have a decision within the next 4-8 weeks.  You can watch a video of the proceedings HERE.

PLEA Vice President Ken Crane and Treasurer/Chief Negotiator Will Buividas provide further information: