Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Critical Topics Update June 27, 2014

The following informational update was sent out via e-mail On June 27, 2014 to those PLEA members who have opted in to PLEA’s e-mail messaging system.

Update on Ballot Measure:

Initial signatures for the ballot measure to solidify staffing levels and prevent cuts to YOUR compensation is going extremely well. This has also forced the City to accelerate its own hiring plan. Please come by the office to pick up petitions.

Sick / Vacation lawsuit:

The lawsuit and request for restraining order will be filed with the courts today. We should have a preliminary ruling on the restraining order within a week or two. If the judge grants the restraining order, the City will be prohibited from stopping the current programs for YOUR “high three”.

Rumor Control:

There is a rumor floating around that we do not have an enforceable agreement. This is NOT TRUE, the City Council imposed a new agreement on us that is enforceable just like the old one.

Donated Hours:

We will be doing another drive in the coming weeks for donated leave. You will be receiving an ADDITIONAL 7 hours of vacation leave this fiscal year. We are asking that you donate the hours back to PLEA so we can continue the vitally important work of representing you in the areas of discipline and grievances, getting the ballot measure passed,  and fighting to overturn sick / vacation “high three” changes.  All of these activities can only be done by means of the time donated back to us by Unit 4 members.  We are not allowed to handle these activities on City time.

CLICK HERE for detailed step by step instructions of how to go to E-Chris and participate in the new non-pensionable sick / vacation sell program. You have to have 1286 sick leave hours to participate in the sick leave sells and 312 hours of vacation to participate in the vacation sells.