Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Detectives Still Feeling the Squeeze

Recent statistics obtained from the Phoenix PD Property Crimes Bureau show that detectives are definitely continuing to experience the stresses of an increased workload brought on by an understaffed police department.  Year end totals for the Property Crimes Bureau show:

  • 6.5% annual increase in the total number of cases assigned to the unit (66,669)
  • 13.5 annual decrease in the number of detectives assigned to the unit.
  • 48% annual increase in the number of monthly open cases.
  • 50% annual increase in the number of supplements written by detectives
  • 70% increase in the number of assigned workable cases per detective 

While these are the stats from one detective bureau,  other bureaus tell PLEA they too have been feeling the squeeze due to increased caseload combined with diminished manpower.