Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Farewell for a Friend

What originated as a trespassing call involving a career criminal who was residing in a transient camp behind the block wall of an East Phoenix home in February 2007 has evolved into a friendship and partnership which has accomplished many things for the City of Phoenix, the Phoenix Police Department, and PLEA over the course of the past five and a half years.  Since that call, Ann Malone has gone to bat for the men and women of the Phoenix Police Department numerous times for numerous causes.

As the founder of Require the Prior, the Indian School Corridor Citywide Coalition, and author of a White Paper, Ann was instrumental in uniting businesses and citizens in response to the increase of street crime and graffiti.  Ann emphasized the need for police, prosecutors, and judges to stop the recurring pattern of returning criminals back to the community by having them follow the Broken Windows Method of policing and prosecution that was successful in New York City.  This requires that judges follow state law by aggravating the charge when possible by factoring in prior offenses.

During the complex process of trying to solve neighborhood problems with the City and the Police Department, Ann contacted PLEA and eventually became not only a partner, but a staunch supporter and ally of Phoenix Police Officers and helped form another community organization, Citizens for Phoenix.

During numerous budget hearings of 2010, where there was actually talk of laying off 300 officers in a department that was already down over 450 positions, Ann went to bat to find ways of saving money without sacrificing safety.  That same year, Ann was also instrumental in working with the City Council and Police Department to implement the Centralized Booking concept, which had been discussed in one committee or another since 1998.  From 2008-2010 Ann helped organize 3 annual block parties that raised thousands of dollars for PLEA Charities and Ann has also served on the Citizens Committees which reviewed the infamous Berkshire Report and reviewed resumes of  and interviewed Police Chief candidates

It’s interesting to note that Ann did all of this while being married, a full-time mother to seven children, and a grandmother.  Ann displayed the same dedication to these causes as she did towards her family.

On September 18, 2012, PLEA held an Open House for Ann, who has “retired” as a community activist so she can get back to being a wife, mom, and grandmother.  Guests included Mayor Stanton, Councilman Johnson, Councilman Valenzuela, Councilman Simplot, and former Councilman Calvin Goode, as well as numerous Phoenix Police Officers and members of the community.

PLEA has been honored to work with Ann and will always remain grateful for her assistance and sacrifices.  We wish her the best as she rides off into the sunset to spend time with her family.