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Feds Agree that PPD Sgt. was Focus of Retaliation

Over a year ago, Sgt. Phil Roberts blew the whistle on what he believed to be corruption and fraud within the PPD with regard to inflated kidnapping stats.  During this time frame, Sgt. Roberts authored numerous memos oulining the specifics of his claims which were forwarded to the City Managers office and Police management.  As a result of his claims, the Police Department transferred him from out of his postion as a robbery detail Sgt. and subsequently placed him under internal investigation.  Sgt. Roberts then filed retaliation charges against the city and the PPD.  The corruption and retaliation allegations prompted an investigation by the Department of Justice’s Office of Inspector General.  Their report, released December 7, 2011 stated that Sgt Roberts was in fact retaliated against by the Police Department.