Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Fighting for Specialty Squads

Citizens for Phoenix is a grassroots group recently formed in response to the current budget crisis that the city finds itself in.  It is supported by numerous neighborhood and community coalitions and alliances. PLEA has also partnered with Citizens for Phoenix since we share many common goals with regard to making Phoenix a better place to live by way of higher levels of government accountability.

On March 26, 2010, Citizens for Phoenix drafted a letter which was sent to all members of the Phoenix City Council as well as Mayor Phil Gordon and CIty Manager David Cavazos. The letter addresses the following topics:

  1. Status of the External Best Practices Audit for Public Safety.
  2. Questions Regarding the Mayor’s Proposed Blue Ribbon Committee.
  3. Status of closing of:
    • Career Criminal Squad in the Major Offender Bureau.
    • Crime Suppression Unit in the Drug Enforcement Bureau.
    • Mounted Patrol.
  4. Suggestion for Reconciliation of the Community with the South Mountain Precinct.

CLICK HERE to read the letter in its entirety.

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