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The Tooth Fairy, Bigfoot, Leprechauns, Santa Claus, Aliens, the Loch Ness Monster, and police chiefs who are servant-leaders.  For many in the Phoenix Police Department, this list is comprised of mythological creatures.  They’re wonderful stories of lore but they just don’t exist – mere figments of our imagination with no connection with reality whatsoever.  But in the Fort Worth Police Department, when it comes to police management, Police Chief Jeff Halstead has risen above the mythical mist (like the Phoenix – another legend) to make a positive difference.

PLEA is excited to see his implementation of servant-leadership in the form of a commitment to the community and the cops who serve them.  Jeff sent PLEA President Mark Spencer an email on June 23, 2011 to explain the courageous, proactive, and progressive changes he brought to Fort Worth.  What Chief Halstead has proven is the fact that good-old boy systems can’t be mixed with a leadership philosophy that’s committed to the success of others.  If it can happen in Fort Worth, PLEA believes it can happen here in Phoenix.

Good afternoon Mark,

Well, history has been made here in the FWPD. The largest reorganization in the history of the department became effective June 25th, 2011. Here is a link to help you:

CLICK HERE to view the reorg info posted on the Fort Worth PD website.

In summary, I have been here 2 1/2 years and wanted to get this plan in place sooner but the budget cuts required me to be more patient and strategic. I watched the performance of the former team and knew it needed some change.

Now, I have placed leaders in position that have demonstrated leadership, service to the community, and most importantly, support for our employees. Our new Executive Staff members have 2 primary goals: Service to our residents / Support our staff. They all received a packet from me outlining my expectations for them. Labor Management is a key ingredient for success as we move forward. This is the most drastic change to the PD I can see in the last 50 years. Many ‘kingdoms’ were dismantled and new faces are leading, faces that will lead here for the next generation are being mentored as well.

Yes, there are a few (very few) that do not like this new plan because they had a friend in a position of rank and power that served them and not others. All in all, I think this plan will generate over 40+ promotions from Corporal/Detective, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Major, and Deputy Chief. All of this new leadership and it only added about $300K to my budget…it is good timing to move forward.

I hope you are good out there in Phoenix. Sure do miss the mountain runs and a cool swim on a hot summer day.

Be safe…