Phoenix Law Enforcement Association


Today, the City and PLEA jointly filed impasse with the Phoenix Employment Relations Board.  With the exception of last year, PLEA and the City have declared impasse almost every contract year.  Over the next two weeks, a federal mediator will be appointed and PLEA and the City will continue to meet in an attempt to agree upon a new contract.  PLEA and the City are still worlds apart in regards to the economic package the City wants Phoenix Police Officers to accept.

By the middle of March we will either have an agreement for the membership to vote on, or we WILL bring the City’s last best and final offer for the membership to vote on.  If the membership doesn’t accept the City’s proposal, we will then proceed to advisory fact-finding towards the end of March.  The important thing to know is PLEA will present either a tentative agreement, or the City’s last best and final offer to the membership for a vote BEFORE proceeding to fact-finding.  The membership will have the final say in whether or not to accept and decline ANY proposed MOU.

PLEA will keep you posted as we progress over the next couple of weeks.