Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Info on Dept Staffing Changes

On Monday November 21, 2016, PLEA was invited to a Staffing Budget and Crime suppression meeting.  The assembled group was briefed on a plan that when implemented, will bring patrol staffing levels up to 1096 officers.  It was explained that this will be achieved by trimming officers out of various (non-patrol) details around the department to come up with an additional 290 bodies for patrol.  The breakout is as follows:

169 Officers to be transferred
24   Sergeants to be transferred
97   OIT’s already out on the street

The rumblings of a personnel move this large, as expected, has generated a litany of rumors that are going through the department like wildfire.  It is important to note that the final say on how these personnel moves will occur resides with the Chief.

It is also important to note that (absent any contract or personnel rule violations) there is no mechanism to grieve these transfers.

MOU Article 1 section 1-2: F. states: The City and the Chief of Police shall have the right to transfer employees within the police department in a manner most advantageous to the city.

MOU Article 1 section 1-2: H. states: The city shall have the authority without prior meeting and conferring to effect reorganizations of the Police Department.

PLEA has absolutely no say in what personnel will be moved nor will we offer opinions on who should be moved or not moved.  PLEA’s role in this process is to ensure that Unit 4 members contract rights are not violated and that personnel rules are adhered to ensure a fair and equitable process.     

Here is what we know:

  • The Chief indicated a city wide re-bid is not her preference however, after evaluating all options, this could be the course of action.
  • Nothing will occur until after the holidays.
  • We have been told that “everything is on the table” meaning every bureau / detail is being considered for reductions to get bodies back to patrol.
  • The goal is to move bodies to achieve safe staffing levels in patrol, not eliminate positions.
  • Management has indicated they are amenable to doing three year reinstatement lists in the event we can move bodies back into vacated slots in the next couple of years.
  • All transfers are currently frozen.
  • With the impending move of up to 24 Sergeants back to patrol there is a high likelihood that promotions will drastically slow or possibly be frozen as well.
  • Once these transfers are completed it will eliminate the need for the Detectives back to patrol program.

Anyone who has questions can call us at the PLEA office.  We will post new information as it becomes available.  It is important to note that everything about this process is very fluid at the present time and nothing has been set in stone.  The “Ask the Chief” section of the PD website has been re-activated and those who wish to ask questions of or make suggestions directly to Chief Williams can do so via this portal on the PD website. Chief Williams has told us that she personally reviews and a responds to these queries.