Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Final Notice on Verizon Contracts!


As previously mentioned, Verizon has evaluated their current contracts with all associations and will be implementing changes nationwide. Verizon has assured us that all public safety associations will be held to the same contract agreement. Despite our greatest efforts, the contract with Verizon will undergo a transformation.

Today is the last day to complete any upgrades, addition of lines of service, feature additions or plan changes before the new contract agreement is implemented.

If you have upgraded phones, they need to be activated by 10/30 to remain on the current contract plans and pricing.

The following is a recap of changes to Verizon accounts that will be effective 10/30/15:

• After 10/30/15, plans are grandfathered whether you’re paying full price for a device purchased through Verizon or a device purchased elsewhere
• Adding a new line of service after 10/30/15 will cause a plan change to be made to the entire account
• Early Termination fees will be waived for any line of service cancelling, if activated or upgraded prior to 10/30/15
• Any phone ordered prior to 10/30/15, even if delayed shipping causes later arrival, will be eligible for “current plans” including unlimited data
• Feature changes will cause a rate plan change after 10/30/15
• $10 Mobile Hotspot is available until 10/30/15 after which it cannot be added
• Insurance added to a line will NOT cause a contract or plan change, but must be eligible to add.

Features that will not change:

We will maintain a 22% discount (on lines $35.99+)

We will keep our 25% discount in corporate Verizon locations when purchasing accessories

Waived activation and restocking fees will continue

Early Termination Fees will not be charged on EXISTING lines of service prior to the date of the new contract.

Please know the PLEA Office Staff is available and willing to assist with these difficult changes.