Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Is Help on the Way?

It is no secret that the Phoenix Police Department has lost several hundred police officers over the last 3-4 years due to a hiring freeze with no end in sight combined with the fact that we still have a steady trickle of manpower going out the door every month due to normal rates of attrition . This trend [of not hiring] is projected to continue until 2015-2016 as dictated by the City Manager due to budget projections.

In recent conversations with the City Manager, Mayor, and Chief of Police, we all agree that we must attempt to obtain federal COPS Hiring grants in 2013 as a way of getting some additional manpower out on the street.  The City Manager advised us that he has already had discussions with the City of Phoenix’s newly retained Washington, D.C. lobbyist and advised them that this would be a priority in 2013.

This is contingent upon the COPS grants being funded by U.S. Congress for 2013. If approved, the city would be able to hire up to 25 officers under the current rules. I know this is nowhere near what we need but it is 25 more officers than we have now and will help alleviate some of the manpower squeeze that we have been seeing.

PLEA has been in discussions with the city and department about the possibility of utilizing COPS grants for some time and appreciates the City’s commitment to applying for the grants. Hopefully, help will be on the way…

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