Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

It’s a Problem

Firefighters take 3.2% in concessions and don’t face any layoffs.  Sergeants and lieutenants take 3.2% in concessions and don’t face any demotions.  Citizens of Phoenix pay a 2% emergency food tax to support public safety.  It’s a problem that the Phoenix Police Department is carrying 450 vacancies.  It’s a problem when 150 more officers will be gone in the next 12 months by attrition or retirement bringing the vacancy total to 600.

It’s a problem when first-responding police officers take a 3.2% wage and benefit concession and are still going to have 110 officers cut.  It’s a problem when political games and poor public policy is jeopardizing the lives of rank-and-file police officers and increasing the risk to our communities.  Hopefully the occupants at City Hall are paying attention.

CLICK HERE to read the Wall Street Journal article posted Feb 12, 2010.