Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Jail Issues Still Remain Unsolved

The jail/booking situation has been broken far too long.  PLEA does not believe that trapping a much needed squad of patrol officers and their sergeant at the jail is an efficient use of police resources in the face of the City’s budget crisis.

Police officers need to provide service on the street not be transformed into jailers.  Civilian detention/wagon officers, which are used by surrounding city police departments, are a reasonable solution to this problem that has been routinely ignored by upper level police management for years.

Please take the time to read Ann Malone”s (President of Require the Prior/East Indian School Corridor Coalition) paper regarding a reasonable solution to fixing a broken booking policy.

CLICK HERE to read the booking paper report authored by Require the Prior President Ann Malone.  (Note: pages 1-5 are the actual report, the rest are supporting documentation.)