Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Jail Relief

Your Association has long advocated civilianizing the manpower needed to run the wagon and booking process within our department.

It is time to streamline the process and utilize our sworn manpower more efficiently. Officers need to be out on the street not bogged down at the jail.

PLEA recently met with members of the department’s executive staff, City Manager Frank Fairbanks, as well as members of the Indian School City wide corridor Business and Homeowners association to discuss the logistics of civilianizing the process. PLEA pointed out that almost every other agency in the valley utilizes some form of a civilianized wagon/booking process. It is a common sense solution to an obvious problem that saves money and benefits the department and the community we serve.

The following is a list of persons who were in attendance at the meeting. CIty Manager Frank Fairbanks, Asst Chief Tracy Montgomery, Asst Chief Tom Lannon, Asst Chief Blake McClelland Cdr. A.B. Smith, Cdr. Jeff Alexander, Representatives from R&I Bureau, Representatives from the City Prosecutors office, Representatives from Councilman Greg Stanton’s office, Representatives from City Budget, Three East Indian School Corridor business owners, Donna and Jerry Neill of NAILEM, Require the Prior President Ann Malone, and Mark Spencer and Joe Clure from PLEA. Mr. Jack Harris made a brief appearance and then left the meeting.

PLEA has clearly communicated its strong opposition to city leaders with regard to building a city jail facility as it would be cost prohibitive and the liability would be immense.

Members of the PLEA board who were in attendance at the meeting are confident that positive progress is being made in regard to resolving this issue.