Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Judicial Watch Protects Phoenix Police Officers

“Judicial Watch is protecting Phoenix Police Officers – men and women who get paid to run to gun fights for the rule of law and the safety of their communities.  Judicial Watch understands that Phoenix Police Officers who risk their lives to ensure due process for those whom they work for willingly take lower wages out of their own compensation package to ensure that front-line rank and file first responders have access to due process for themselves too.

For over 30 years in a right to work state, the City of Phoenix has recognized the value of uninterrupted police service and the benefit provided to the city and taxpayers through a mutual partnership with their police officers, provided through their representative association, PLEA.  It is by means of a voter approved meet and confer process that the City provides compensation to Phoenix Police Officers for the work they do.

While the Phoenix Police Department utilizes taxpayer money in assigning over 25 police management employees to investigate all allegations of misconduct against officers, Phoenix Police Officers invest a portion of their own money out of their own total compensation package in 6 PLEA fulltime release positions to make certain that those who risk their lives are treated as fairly as their community partners they work for.  If taxpayers are willing to invest in due process and representation for those accused of crimes, shouldn’t Phoenix Police Officers be allowed to invest their own money, at a cost to themselves, in the same protective premise?

With the photos of fallen Phoenix Police Officers killed in the line of duty as a stark reminder, Judicial Watch understands the unique challenges Phoenix Police Officers face in their high risk job that entails deadly use of force, constant life threatening calls for help, and the uncompromising requirement for the proper application of constitutional protections, State law, and Department policy.  With this understanding comes Judicial Watch’s effort to maintain contractually agreed upon wages, benefits, and rights (which includes PLEA representation) as found in the current MOU.  Those who would confuse a “taxpayer gift” with “compensation” are mistaken.  The attached legal document was presented to the court on Thursday September 13, 2012 on behalf of 5 Phoenix Police Officers.”

CLICK HERE to read the motion to intervene on behalf of Phoenix Police Officers filed by Judicial Watch