Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Kudos For Heads Up Police Work

In the early morning hours of February 25, Officer Frank Marino while on routine patrol in the area of 44 St. and E. Van Buren St. observed suspicious activity at the Circle K store.

Officer Marino noticed a midsize SUV backed in against the building with a male subject doing something at the rear of the vehicle.

Further investigation revealed a female victim that had been bound and gagged with duct tape concealed in the back of the SUV.

The heads up patrol work demonstrated by Officer Marino very possibly saved the life of the victim.  PLEA knows that the work ethic demonstrated  by Frank as well as hundreds of other rank and file patrol officers and detectives across the city is what makes the Phoenix PD a cut above many of their counterparts from around the nation.

PLEA gives kudos to Frank for good solid heads up police work.