Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Laterals Now Exempt From Jail Detail

Lateral officers will no longer be required to do the 60 day jail details that are rotated amongst the 6 precincts.

Due to a recent grievance that was filed, the decision was made to exempt lateral officers from this detail.  PLEA would like to recognize and thank Asst. Chief Blake McClelland who was instrumental in facilitating a rapid resolution to this concern.

Chief McClelland listened to PLEA’s concerns and agreed that lateral officers from other agancies should be given consideration for the prior experience they bring to the table.  In an email dated Thursday, May 14, 2009, Chief McClelland stated in part;

“Effective immediately, lateral officers will no longer be required to perform the 60 day temporary assignment to the Jail Detail.  Please advise your admin sergeants that when selecting officers for the 60 day temporary assignments to the Jail, lateral hired officers will be passed over and the next junior officer in seniority will be sent.”

Chief McClelland forwarded this email communication to all precinct Commanders and requested that it be forwarded to all precinct Administrative Sgt’s.  The policy documenting this change will be added to Operations Order 3.2.5.A.(1)